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Behavior Standards

To guarantee the safety, happiness, and appropriate learning environment for our students and their families, we ask that everyone abide by the following guidelines. 

Only water will be permitted in the building. For students who will be present for a long period of time during a day, special refrigerator and microwave privileges will be given and they may eat in the cafe area only. 

Please, no gum in the building.

Students and parents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and throwing away their garbage. 

Please label all belongings, including dance shoes, tights, leotards, and water bottles, Cornerstone Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.   Any lost and found items unclaimed after two weeks will be disposed of or donated to charity. 

Dance shoes should NOT be worn outside of the studio. Street shoes should NOT be worn inside the studio. 

Appropriate grooming and proper attire are expected from our students and parents. 

All students under the age of 10 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. We are not responsible for children who are not participating in class.

Students and parents are to treat our Academy building, their instructors and fellow students with respect and kindness. Any issues that need attention should be brought to the staff's attention immediately by filling out a form at the front desk. Students and parents will not participate in bullying of any kind and will report such actions if they witness or experience it. 

The instructors at our Academy do teach hands-on. It is normal and appropriate to manually and physically adjust students' alignment. If you are uncomfortable with this policy, you may wish to reconsider enrolling your student. Our school does not condone or tolerate any instructors who touch students or give disciplinary actions that are harmful or intimidating, or that violate generally-accepted tenets of propriety. 

Although we all have our individual social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the statuses that we post are public. The Cornerstone Academy asks that you consider this when posting anything concerning our school or its faculty or students. Any posts of a derogatory or negative nature will result in disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary Procedures are as follow:
 1. Verbal warning, 2. Written warning, 3. Suspension from classes/performances, 4. Dismissal from the school.   

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