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2018-2019 Sponsorship Packages

Impact of Giving

CIB Nutcracker 2018 Dress web by Frugoli

Sponsor a Professional Dancer


Make recurring or one-time donation with the name of the company member you would like to support and be recognized as a ballerina's official sponsor! Any donation will help make it possible for us to support the dancer by keeping them in new costumes and pointe shoes, and allow us to continue producing professional level productions


Keep us in Pointe Shoes

Ballerinas can go through one pair of pointe shoes a week. Pointe shoes retail for $60-$100 per pair. Help keep our dancers safe from injury by donating to our pointe shoe fund.

CIB Phantom Friday by Frugoli-3163.jpg

CIB Costume Shop


By supporting our costume shop you are adding to magnificent visual effects that are enjoyed by thousands at our shows.

CIB Peter Pan Friday by Frugoli-0374.jpg

Scholarship Fund


Contributions to the Scholarship Fund give Cornerstone Academy the opportunity to continue to provide excellent dance education to its students We rely on the generous support of our donors to fulfill our mission to educate all students regardless of financial status.

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