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Policies and Procedures

CLASS PLACEMENT Class placement is based on technical proficiency, mental and emotional maturity, overall strength, and age. Each child has individual strengths and weaknesses and will be moved up through the levels at a pace that encourages their best abilities as a dancer. Therefore, please do not compare the progress of your child with other children. Please trust that we have your dancer's best interests at heart when we make these decisions. It should be noted that the more classes a student takes each week, the faster they will improve. If a child stops their training and then chooses to return, there is no guarantee they will return in the same level or that there will be room in classes for them. Students who are placed in the Intermediate or Advanced Performance or Professional tracks are expected to maintain a 90% attendance through the year. Missed classes in these tracks should also be made up in another class. Should a student in either track not attend 90% of their classes, the student may be asked to join a lower track with less classes, be taken out of a performance, or could result in not being cast in one of CIB's future performances.  

REGISTRATION/TUITION You can register at Cornerstone Academy at any time during the year. There is a $30 registration fee for all students under the age of 18. Registration fees are good through the end of August. In September, all students must re-register. ALL students must submit a complete a medical waiver before they will be permitted to take classes. Boys may take free dance classes. Please refer to our tuition and registration form for more information.   

 ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is extremely important to the development of a dancer. Proper dance education requires regular attendance for the necessary muscle memory needed in learning how to dance. This ensures physical safety and a healthy level of confidence for our students. Multiple absences can cause the class as a whole to be held back, the quality of performances to diminish (for which they may be asked to leave a production), and will decrease the momentum of a student's artistic and technical potential. 

ALL ABSENCES MUST BE CALLED IN TO OUR OFFICE. If a child is minorly ill or dealing with an injury, they are still expected to come to class/rehearsal and alertly observe.  

MAKE-UP CLASSES Students are encouraged to make-up their missed classes in a class equal to or lower than their class placement. You do not need to call ahead to make-up a class. When you come to the studio, just check in with the receptionist. No refunds will be given for missed classes. It is fine to make-up a class in a different dance form than you normally take (i.e. normally you take Jazz/Tap/Conditioning, but you can make up that class in ballet).  Students in the Intermediate & Advanced Performance or Professional track should make up all missed classes through the year. 

 TARDINESS Any student who arrives more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe the class. This is because at the beginning of class, warm-up exercises are given in preparation for more difficult movements. If a student is not properly warmed up, injuries can occur. All students should arrive at least 10 minutes early to take off street clothes, use the restroom, check in at our reception desk, and be mentally ready for their class.   

CLASS CANCELLATIONS/CHANGES From time to time, we may have to reschedule or cancel classes. When we do cancel a class, every effort will be made to provide a convenient make-up time for the class. When that isn't possible, the students are encouraged to make-up the canceled class on their own. Any class schedule changes or cancellations will be posted on Facebook and via email. This includes cancellations due to snow or other inclement weather.  Classes with 2 or less students present may be shortened at the discretion of the instructor. No refunds will be given.


CENTRAL ILLINOIS BALLET PRODUCTIONS PARTICIPATION POLICY Students in level Intermediate I and up and all scholarship students are required to participate in all our affiliated company, Central Illinois Ballet, yearly productions.  Once committed and casted in production, registration fee is nonrefundable.  Cast members are required to attend all Mandatory rehearsals and all tech week rehearsals.  

QUESTIONS/CONCERNS If you have a question or concern, please fill out a form at our reception desk and we will address it as quickly as possible. Your thoughts are important to us, so please do not confront a teacher in between classes. Teachers will not be able to appropriately focus on your issue since they are concentrating on their instruction. We also ask you to please respect the instructors and refrain from calling them at their personal phone numbers or emails.  

VOLUNTEERING If you are interested, please go to our                              on our website. It describes the different levels and areas of work that we need help with!   

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